Dr. Dana C. Ackley, Ph.D.

Dana is the founder and CEO of EQ Leader, Inc. He received his doctorate in Psychology from the Florida State University in 1973. For twenty-five years, he worked with families to help them overcome deep divides and significant challenges. For the past two decades he has served as an executive coach and organizational consultant to business. He has twice been named a Fellow of the American Psychological Association for innovative thinking in using psychological knowledge to solve vexing problems.

Dana is an internationally recognized expert in Emotional Intelligence (EQ). His book, The EQ Leader Program (MHS, 2006), was the first comprehensive, science-based program designed to develop EQ skills in leaders. Dana uses the program in much of his work, because it is a science-based and respectful way to help people develop new insights and grow skills to achieve their next level of success. The EQ Leader Program Manual has been used by coaches and consultants who work with leaders around the world. [Read full bio here!]


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