The EQ Leader Program 2.0: How to Launch and Implement Successful EQ Consulting and Coaching Projects


Please note: When buying the EQ Leader Program2.0 (EQL) for your organization, a separate copy must be purchased for each coach or consultant who will be working with EQL. This is similar to buying software, such as Microsoft Word, i.e., each computer needs its own copy. Thus, if your organization has three coaches who will be using the EQL, please buy three copies, one for each coach.


The EQ Leader Program 2.0, presented in a 483 page manual, is a turnkey program for building Emotional Intelligence (EQ) skills in leaders. It includes program design principles, introductory workshops, assessment guidelines and tools, development planning, twenty-five coaching tools, discussion of 17 common coaching issues, 186 exercises for clients to use to build EQ skills, a guide for marketing and selling services, and guidance on how to deliver the program virtually. The manual comes with a flash drive containing files for all customizable portions of the program, including speaker’s notes, handouts, questionnaires, and reports. Purchasers of the program are able to brand all customizable materials with their own logos.

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