| Federal Government Trainer: Dr. Ackley’s manual provides all the materials and directions trainers need while still being able to customize it to the needs of our agency and leaders. | Fortune 500 Senior Trainer: The program saved me many hours of development time, which meant that I could focus on tailoring the materials to my specific audiences . . . As good as the original version was, the new version is dramatically better. | Fortune 500 Strategic Change Leader: From sharing hard-won wisdom to providing engaging exercises and tools, this is a resource that belongs on the desks of all those who aspire to help good leaders become great leaders. | Independent Coach: The detailed EQ development exercises for individual competencies have been a comprehensive and reliable resource for clients in the learning process. | EQ Author and Coach: I know from working in many organizations that leaders are extremely interested in the steps needed to enhance their EQ. With the EQ Leader Program, that’s exactly what they get. |